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The Macromolecules Innovation Institute (MII) has provided seed funding for two research projects through its new Interdisciplinary Seed Collaborative Program (ICSP).

CPSI is a one-year funding opportunity designed to support and enhance collaborations between IBD research groups in different departments at Virginia Tech. Since emerging collaborations between faculty from different disciplines often come from their students seeking help from their peers, this program is specifically designed to support stipends of talented collaborating students.

This year, ICSP funding was awarded to a team working on the development of surface coatings capable of neutralizing germs, as well as a team advancing holographic methodologies for the fabrication of materials used in photonics for biosensors and cells. new generation solar panels.

“Seed funding recipients demonstrate the kind of interdisciplinary and collaborative research relationship needed to address complex goals and problems in macromolecular science and engineering,” said Robert B. Moore, professor of chemistry and director of MII. “We are proud to be able to facilitate their promising and ambitious work, and particularly proud of the contributions of the students in these stimulating projects. “

Since MII’s most successful collaborations are often based on working relationships among its motivated students, this funding will be dedicated to supporting one student in each of the two collaborative groups. Each of the four students from the two teams selected in this inaugural competition will be designated MII Interdisciplinary Graduate Collaborative (IGC) scholarship holder.

CPSI supports MII’s mission to advance innovations in macromolecular science and engineering through synergistic interdisciplinary teams, as well as to provide cutting-edge training to students, who will be future leaders in these fields.

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