Global MS Polymers Market (2021-2026)

Dublin, July 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “Global MS Polymers Market by Type (SMP, SPUR), Application (Adhesives & Sealants, Coatings), End Use Industry (Building & Construction, Automotive & Transportation, Assembly) industry, Electronics) and Region – Forecast to 2026 “has been added to offer.

The global MS polymers market is expected to grow from USD 1.4 billion in 2021 to USD 1.9 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 6.1% between 2021 and 2026.

The key driver of market growth includes environmental regulations in countries in North America and Europe for the use of solvent and isocyanate based adhesives.

The building and construction segment is estimated to be the largest segment of the MS polymers market

MS Polymers adhesives are used in a wide range of applications, such as flooring, tile, waterproofing, carpet, wallcovering, insulation, roofing, civil operations, facade and parquet. They are gaining prominence in the construction industry in the areas of bonding, renovation, maintenance and repair of residential and commercial buildings as well as civil engineering applications. Developments of multi-story buildings and skyscrapers have increased the demand for adhesives in the building and construction industry. The panels of these new high-rise buildings are glued with adhesives instead of being attached with screws. The use of adhesives in these buildings is advantageous.

APAC is expected to be the fastest growing MS polymers market during the forecast period

APAC is expected to be the fastest growing MS polymers market during the forecast period. The APAC market is expected to experience significant growth owing to the increasing use of innovative adhesives and sealants in various industries, such as automotive, construction, aerospace, electrical and electronics and industrial assembly in countries like China, India and South Korea. APAC is a strategic location for many transportation and auto manufacturers to establish or expand their manufacturing base and take advantage of the low cost of manufacturing.

Main topics covered:

1. Introduction

2 Research methodology

3 Executive summary

4 premium information
4.1 Attractive Opportunities in the MS Polymers Market
4.2 MS Polymers Market, by End-Use Industry
4.3 APAC: MS Polymers Market, by End-Use Industry and Country, 2020
4.4 MS polymers market: developed vs. Developing countries
4.5 MS Polymers Market: Growing Demand from APAC
4.6 MS Polymers Market, by Major Countries

5 Market overview
5.1 Presentation
5.2 Market dynamics
5.2.1 Drivers Growing Demand for Hybrid Resins in Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturing Unavailability of new polymer materials Environmental regulations in North America and Europe
5.2.2 Constraints Lack of acceptance from end users
5.2.3 Opportunities Growing demand for non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and durable adhesives and sealants
5.2.4 Challenges Limited market opportunities in developed countries
5.3 Porter’s five forces analysis
5.4 Macroeconomic overview and key trends
5.5 Impact of COVID-19
5.6 COVID-19 Economic Assessment
5.6.1 Economic impact of COVID-19: scenario assessment
5.7 Impact of COVID-19 on end-use industries
5.7.1 Impact on the construction industry
5.7.2 Impact on the automotive industry
5.7.3 Impact on the marine industry
5.8 Impact of COVID-19 on regions
5.8.1 Impact of COVID-19 on APAC
5.8.2 Impact of COVID-19 on North America
5.8.3 Impact of COVID-19 on Europe
5.8.4 Impact of COVID-19 on the Middle East and Africa
5.8.5 Impact of COVID-19 on South America
5.9 Trend in average selling price
5.10 Export and import trade statistics
5.11 MS Polymers: ecosystem of adhesives and sealants
5.12 Impact of Technological Trends and Disruptions on Manufacturers of MS Polymer Adhesives and Sealants: YC and YCC Shift
5.12.1 Automotive and transportation Electric vehicles Shared mobility Types of batteries for electric vehicles
5.12.2 Aerospace Ultra-light and light aircraft Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones
5.12.3 Health care Portable medical devices Microfluidics-based POC and LOC diagnostic devices for laboratory testing
5.12.4 Electronics Scanning Artificial Intelligence Augmented reality
5.13 Regulations
5.13.1 LEED standards
5.14 Value chain analysis
5.15 Technology analysis
5.16 Patent analysis

6 MS Polymers Market, by Type
6.1 Presentation
6.2 Silyl modified polyethers
6.2.1 SMP technology is a fast growing product technology that is used in sealant-adhesive formulations for a wide variety of substrates
6.3 Silyl terminated polyurethanes (SPUR)
6.3.1 High cohesion of SPUR with the usual good adhesion of silicone sealants

7 MS Polymers Market, By Application
7.1 Presentation
7.2 Adhesives and sealants
7.2.1 MS polymer based adhesives are mainly used in the automotive industry, where they are preferred over polyurethane adhesives Adhesive
7.2.2 Sealant
7.3 Coating
7.3.1 MS Polymer Coatings is supported by its fast curing, high waterproofing properties, primer-free application, high strength and elasticity, resistance to weather conditions

8 MS Polymers Market, by End-Use Industry
8.1 Presentation
8.2 Building and construction
8.2.1 Use in bonding, renovation, maintenance and repair of buildings to stimulate demand
8.3 Automotive and transportation
8.3.1 Use in Automotive and Aerospace Applications to Drive Market
8.4 Electronics
8.4.1 Flexibility and low shrinkage making MS polymer ideal for bonding thin substrates
8.5 Industrial assembly
8.5.1 Growing Need for Marine and Wind Power Applications to Drive the Market
8.6 Others

9 MS Polymers, by region

10 Competitive landscape
10.1 Overview
10.1.1 Overview of Strategies Adopted by Major MS Polymer Players
10.2 Competitive evaluation matrix
10.3 Analysis of MS Polymers Market Share
10.4 Competitive scenario and trends
10.5 Company valuation quadrant
10.5.1 Star
10.5.2 Omnipresent
10.5.3 Emerging Leader
10.5.4 Participant
10.5.5 Competitive Benchmarking
10.6 Market Ranking Analysis

11 company profiles
11.1 Major players
11.1.1 Kaneka
11.1.2 AGC chemicals
11.1.3 Evonik Industries SA
11.1.4 Momentary
11.1.5 Wacker Chemistry
11.1.6 Risun Polymer
11.1.7 Sisib Silanes and Silicones
11.1.8 Covestro
11.1.9 Hubei Co-Formula Materials Technology
11.1.10 Inov Chem

12 Appendix

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