The Richmond Observer – UNCP Selected to Participate in National Teacher Preparation Cohort for Institutions Serving Minorities

PEMBROKE – UNC Pembroke is pleased to announce its selection into the Third Cohort of the National Teacher Readiness Transformation Center of the Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity, to foster high quality educators in institutions across the country. service to minorities across the United States.

“With a long history of preparing the next generation of educators for Southeastern North Carolina, UNC Pembroke is honored to be a part of the National Teacher Preparation Center,” said Dr. Loury Floyd, Dean of the School. of Education.

“Our faculty, staff and students work daily to create powerful experiential learning opportunities immersed in the classroom experience that will positively impact the diverse and inclusive communities we serve and our participation in this program. will improve our efficiency in this area. ”

Through BranchED’s unique quality readiness framework, UNCP joins with three other MSIs across the country to better prepare future highly effective and diverse educators by strengthening educator readiness programs.

Azusa Pacific University, Pacific Oaks College, and Texas A&M University-San Antonio are also selected for the third cohort.

This research-based framework sets a higher standard for teacher preparation by including approaches to ensure that teachers can effectively address the racial, cultural, linguistic and economic backgrounds of students.

“BranchED is dedicated to solving critical issues of equity in education, and it starts at the institutional level,” said BranchED Founder, President and CEO Dr Cassandra Herring.

“We know that institutions serving minorities are training more diverse educators at a disproportionate rate, so we are pleased that the UNCP is joining our third cohort of Transformation Centers to create high quality programs based on equity. Through this partnership, we can equip more future educators with the tools to enter, persist and graduate as teachers capable of delivering high quality education for all students. ”

Through the cohort, the UNCP and school district partners will have access to improved resources and professional development, networking opportunities, and share data and learn from other institutions in the cohort to move forward. with sustainability and innovation.

BranchED’s National Teacher Readiness Transformation Center is rooted in the organization’s work to redefine what constitutes quality educator readiness. BranchED and its MSI partners are committed to a shared vision that quality and diversity are inextricable. The broader goals of BranchED include both the diversification of the teaching profession and the intentional resolution of critical issues of educational equity for all students.

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