Sharon Subreenduth is the new Dean of Georgia Southern College of Education

On July 1, Sharon Subreenduth, Ph.D., took the reins as the new Dean of the College of Education at Georgia Southern University.

“I am thrilled to join a university and college on the move,” Subreenduth said. “There is so much energy and innovation sparked by new collaborations inside and outside the University. I am honored to be the next Dean of the College of Education and to work with such dynamic, creative and equity-minded faculty, staff, students and partners – all committed to supporting transformative educators and educational spaces. strong.

Subreenduth joins Georgia Southern from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell (UML), where she was Associate Dean of the College of Education for three years. In this role, Subreenduth oversaw undergraduate academic affairs, research and graduate studies, grants and grant mentoring as well as faculty and student success. During this time, Subreenduth made significant contributions to the management of the teacher’s license process and the development of unlicensed options within the college. She has also initiated a number of collaborations with local schools, community partners, area education programs, and state regulatory agencies as part of joint efforts to diversify the teaching workforce.

Prior to joining UML’s administration, Subreenduth was a professor of curriculum and teaching at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Ohio for 16 years. During her tenure at BGSU, Subreenduth served for eight years as Co-Director of the International Democratic Education Institute, focusing on efforts to bring together faculty, community leaders and other educators from the United States and the United States. abroad to promote inquiry-based education to inform create effective members of society. Subreenduth has also been a Principal Investigator for a number of international grants that have developed innovative partnerships with several local schools and community organizations, which have spawned local-global collaborations, increased professional development and mentorship opportunities.

His combined grants to UML and BGSU brought in nearly $ 5 million in educational funding that Subreenduth used to support faculty research and teacher professional development. Her strong interdisciplinary scholarship and the relationship aspect of her work in the United States and around the world is grounded in critical inclusion and diversity, and has fostered authentic local and global initiatives and collaborations across all disciplines and produced partnerships with international educators, higher education, government and community organizations from over 40 post-colonial developing countries.

Originally from South Africa, Subreenduth received a BA in Pedagogy in English, Geography and Education from the University of Durban-Westville and a BA in Education from the University of South Africa. After teaching for four years at a high school in South Africa, Subreenduth traveled to the United States to study at Ohio State University for a master’s degree in social sciences and global multicultural education, followed by a doctorate. in curriculum, teaching and professional development.

His research interests include social justice, equity in education, global educational issues, and post-apartheid South African education. The Subreenduth Fellowship is at the heart of research into decolonization and the creation of diverse communities of practice through a critically engaged inquiry that focuses on anti-oppressive schooling, curriculum, pedagogy, and identity that are aware of socially responsible research in global and local educational contexts.

“I look forward to being a part of the team and building my strengths, collaborating on new initiatives and continuing the positive and lasting impact of the College of Education and the Eagle Nation at Georgia Southern University – at the levels regional, national and global, ”said Subreenduth.



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