Lean Library shares survey results on workflows and relations between librarians and patrons

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Lean Library shares survey results on workflows and relations between librarians and patrons

Lean Library published the “The future of librarians“White paper (registration required), which is” based on a large-scale survey of 4,000 librarians and patrons that examines workflows and library-patron relationships. The report reveals that while patrons are unaware of the extent of librarian support (with 77% starting to discover research outside the library), over 80% highly value librarians and would like the library be more deeply rooted in their natural workflows.

The other findings are as follows:

  • 79% of faculty and 74% of students now begin their discovery process outside the library, on websites such as Google Scholar, but appreciation and use of library services remains high, suggesting a increased appetite of librarians to meet patrons in their workflow.
  • Librarians are highly valued by their clients, much more than librarians anticipated. 84% of teachers like librarians… “a lot” or “a lot”.
  • 82% of librarians and 88% of patrons would like library and library services to be integrated into their workflow, available to call in when needed. Patrons may have preferred out-of-library routes in recent years, but this does not diminish their demand for librarian support. This highlights the need for librarians to come to them.

The press release notes: “Lean Library, a company that provides library services in the user’s workflow, is part of the new SAGE technology digital services portfolio alongside Adam Matthew’s Quartex and Talis. Each of the services was created to improve the client’s workflow using technology based on years of librarian feedback and research into client needs. … SAGE service technology includes workflow services and Lean Library resource access solutions; Talis resource list management services and collaborative annotation services; and Quartex archive discovery solutions.

For more information, read the Press release.

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