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Education has always been an integral part of the development of our country. To measure the development of a country, we often look at the rate of education of this country, which is a known fact. The education of the youth of the country is very important because they are the future and the success of any country is in their hands. “They are the stepping stones that have the potential to lead the country to glory,” says Akash Singh Lallu who truly believes in taking the educational space to higher levels in order to become a global leader.

His views are fully supported by many, including our honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, who has discussed the significance of India’s youth power on many national and international forums. India had formulated its first education policy in 1986 and since then we have been following this education system but in 2020 a new education policy was formulated under the leadership of the current BJP government including social worker, teacher and politician Akash Singh Lallu from UP wants to enlighten people.

Talking about the new education policy, Mr. Singh said that the aim of the education policies made under the current government is the overall development of mankind. He says that by simply memorizing a few books, you cannot consider yourself truly educated. The real purpose of education is to infuse new energy into you in your overall development so that you discover ways that can work for the welfare of society.

Akash further says that under the old system of education, a lot of burden was placed on children, in which only bookish knowledge was more important. But after the introduction of this new education policy, the mental stress of children will be reduced and attention will also be paid to the development of their skills. During the conversation, Mr Singh said, “As a teacher, I can understand that physical and mental development is important for a child, and so this policy will do wonders for the overall development of the child.

This new educational policy aims to make the program fluid and simple. Apart from that, the exams would be split at regular intervals which would reduce the pressure on the kids as they will have every chance and enough time to prepare. “Although many people are pointing the finger at the government for this new educational policy, it will be extremely beneficial for the children who are the future of our country. As a teacher, I understand this well and I am convinced that it will benefit hugely to children,” concludes Mr. Singh.

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