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Here is a press release from Montana State University Billings:

MSU BILLING NEWS— Montana State University Billings held its annual convention Faculty Excellence Awards Ceremony Thursday, February 24. The annual event highlights the excellence of MSUB faculty members in their teaching, community outreach, research, and scholarship.

This year, 17 faculty members received honors for their exemplary efforts.

ASMSUB Outstanding Faculty recipients include John Roberts, Associate Professor of Music; Rodrigo Lobo, Ph.D., assistant professor of business administration; Matt Queen, Ph.D., professor of biological and physical sciences; Lance Mouser, professor of general education at City College.

The Montana Center for Inclusive Education Award for Support of Students with Disabilities was presented to Sarah Friedman, Ph.D., assistant professor of biological and physical sciences, and Charity Dewing, adjunct teacher of English, philosophy, and modern languages.

Melissa Boehm, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication, received the Dr. Tasneem Khaleel Award for Mentoring Young Professional Women.

The Promoting International Student Success award was presented to Ms. Erica Shea, general education teacher at City College. Ms. Cindy Millard, a City College business, construction and energy technology instructor, received the part-time faculty award, while her City College colleague, Heather Thompson-Bahm, Ph.D. , an instructor in business, construction, and energy technology, received the City College Leadership Award. Ms. Lynette Schwalbe, assistant professor of educational theory and practice, received the award of excellence for non-tenured professors.

Three recipients, Emily Arendt, Ph.D., associate professor of history; Tien Chih, assistant professor of mathematics; and Melanie Reaves, Ph.D., associate professor of educational theory and practice, received the Faculty Achievement Award.

The Winston and Helen Cox Fellowship Award was presented to Scott Jeppesen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Music, and Keara Rhoades, Assistant Professor of Art, for their significant impacts in their fields of study.

Twenty-four faculty members were recognized for their years of service and five were recognized for achieving tenure at the MSUB.

See the full list of 2022 winners.

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