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The wheel of the economy of any country depends on many functions, one of them is the startup ecosystem which is growing very quickly in India. Whatever the reason for starting the start-up business in India, they all aim to become a partner to the economy of the country and to themselves. Entrepreneurs have an important role in all of this, which has proven from time to time by standing with the country that they are with the nation. The importance of startups in accelerating economic growth is supported by the government from time to time. And these entrepreneurs have contributed to the progress and development of the country with their small businesses.

SNK Creation is one of those established and well-known digital media brands in the digital entrepreneur category, whose founder Kishanu Karmakar was instrumental in the boom in blogging and digital media in India. She began to provide special services to her clients in the field of media and marketing. At the time of the coronavirus epidemic, when the whole world was fighting against it and looking for a way out. At that time, small and large entrepreneurs helped maintain the country’s economy.

A few years ago, it was hard to say that the startup ecosystem would energize a cultural country like India. But today India is its greatest example around the world, whose skilled entrepreneurs have become the backbone of India. Today, our country needs more young people, and that is why India has seen the emergence of start-up entrepreneurs since 2015.

The way the country is moving forward and making itself self-reliant after this COVID-19 pandemic. This proves that Indians know how to fight well in difficult times and how to get by. Young people today and especially women are at the forefront of entrepreneurship, from time to time they have given a message to everyone with the voice of their success.

Entrepreneurs are becoming the new thinking of the country, and young people should be stronger in this regard. Founder and CEO Kishanu Karmakar said, “The mindset of young entrepreneurs gives birth to new ideas for work, and that’s what drives the startup ecosystem.” Today, the innovation, enthusiasm and potential of young people give them a solid future, and this reflection motivates them to become entrepreneurs.

The startup ecosystem has spread its footprint across much of the industry, and its biggest example is “Digital Education and Digital Media”. Much has changed as a result of the pandemic; and in today’s era, the priority of digitization is growing in importance everywhere. Education, movies, business, government, transportation have all been converted to digital forms. Change is the rule of the world, saying that it will be accomplished by not doing it, the role of entrepreneurs is important in giving new direction to such thinking. “To turn thought into truth and anger into enthusiasm”. Entrepreneurs have an important role to play in shaping this new thinking.

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