Wike Faults FG on Boosting National Economy Overshadows Health Commissioner

Nyesom wike

Blessing of Ibunge in Port Harcourt

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike criticized the federal government’s policy of stimulating the national economy.

The governor said the federal government was not interested in revitalizing the national economy, noting that economic stimulus programs had failed on all fronts.

The governor made this statement yesterday at the inauguration of the Ezimgbu road in Port Harcourt. It is exactly as the governor also sacked Rivers State Health Commissioner Professor Princewill Chike.

Governor Wike said that if infrastructure development is a way to stimulate the economy, then the federal government’s approach to developing such critical infrastructure should be apolitical.

He highlighted the deplorable condition of the Lagos-Ibadan road, said the road is so important for the country’s economy and the growth of interstate and regional business activities.

“Let me say something very clearly. When the government says it wants to stimulate the economy and you wonder how it is going to stimulate and grow the economy. This morning something occurred to me, and I said what country is this? “Look at a road like the Lagos-Ibadan road, which is a major road in this country, cannot be completed by the federal government. They bring politics and ethnicity into everything we do.

“So how do you stimulate the economy when a road like this cannot be completed so far. Look at the road to the refinery (Port Harcourt), to the seaport, so far the federal government cannot complete it. How do you stimulate the economy? “, did he declare.

Governor Wike also noted that the federal government’s Anchor Borrower Program, which gives money to farmers, has not been implemented to produce the desired impact.

The governor said it was not enough to go to the media to announce how much had been spent on pursuing these initiatives if there was no evidence to measure up.

“And then you hear trillions of naira being budgeted, you see people talking about giving 200 billion naira to anchor borrowers, anchor rulers, to anchor this and that. We have no problem giving money to agriculture. What do we say, after we distribute this money, what is the impact? You say we don’t want any more imports, we have no problem. We are

in support of it. But having stopped importing, what is the fate of ordinary Nigerians? Is the food there? If the food is there, is it cheap?

“So the availability is not there, the cost is high, so what’s the point of encouraging our farmers to produce. All the money you have given what impact has it created?

“So we shouldn’t fool people. We should tell people that we are capable of doing it and we have done it. This (federal) administration does nothing to improve the lives of citizens. ”

At the inauguration, Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri noted that he had always known Governor Wike as a man who instituted a culture of project commissions in Rivers State at the use of the people.

He said it was from Rivers State, under Governor Wike’s leadership, that they all learned that you can complete multiple projects and spend an entire month putting them into operation.

“In April of this year, so many projects were commissioned in the state and today, instead of receiving birthday presents from the people of Rivers, he decided to celebrate his birthday in a grand style by giving to residents of Rivers have a carnival of orders, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Wike said the commissioner was sacked because Professor Chike did not ask for the

State government approval to host the preliminary session of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), in Port Harcourt. The governor described the commissioner’s decision to house the MDNC without the consent of the Rivers State government as very embarrassing.

The governor explained that the Rivers State government had never requested to host the preliminary session of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria in Port Harcourt.

He pointed out that the health commissioner erred in unilaterally planning to host the MDCN event at the same time as the state government was commissioning and reporting the projects.

“Frankly, I have never seen such embarrassment in my life. Everyone knows that it’s not in my nature to bring people in and you can’t take care of or host them. So whoever did it will suffer.

Governor Wike said MDCN’s request to state governors to establish a tertiary hospital in each of their senatorial districts will not be feasible due to lack of funds.

“You talked about setting up a tertiary hospital in each of the senatorial districts, you know that is not possible. This is why in Nigeria we have a problem. When you go for your budget, you put in all kinds of plans. You know it can’t work. Where will you get the money to install them in each Senate district, ”he said.

The governor explained that in order to improve citizens’ access to quality health services, his administration has embarked on the construction of some zone hospitals in Bori, Degema, Etche, Ahoada and Omoku.

He further stated that his administration had also invested enormous resources in promoting medical education in the state, particularly with the establishment of Rivers State University College of Medical Sciences and the annual award of scholarships to 130 natives of the state studying medicine. at the PAMO University of Medical Sciences.

“You will agree that I have provided the necessary funds for everything you requested to give a standard medical college. Our partnership with PAMO is very interesting. In fact, every year the government of Rivers State offers scholarships to native people. This year, we approved 130.

Governor Wike took the opportunity to ask for a reduction in the money the federal government receives from the federation account to allow states to have more resources to drive their development.

The governor said states should be allowed to set the amount they can afford to pay their workers, including medical staff. He argued that one of the scourges of the country’s federal system is the attempt to impose a uniform salary structure across the country.

“I don’t want to talk about salary. This is part of the problem we have. If you want to work in Rivers State, the Rivers State government should negotiate with you what you should earn. Why would the man who is in Kogi earn the same as the man who works at Rivers State? what is the rent of the house in Kogi? What is the rent for the house in Port Harcourt?

“If we don’t want to lead real federalism, we should leave it. I cannot sit here as governor of a state, you go to see the federal government to negotiate, you come to give me to sign, I will not sign.

MDCN Chairman Prof. Abba Wasiri Hassan explained that they were in Rivers State for the ninth preliminary session of the council.

He praised Governor Wike for his positive attitude towards health care and medical delivery services in Rivers State, in particular, the huge investment in Rivers State University College of Medical Sciences, the award of a scholarship to state natives studying medicine and building the Dr. Peter Odili Cancer and Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Treatment Center in Port Harcourt.

The MDCN chairman urged governors to consider investing in tertiary hospitals in each of the country’s senatorial districts to increase the number of hospitals available for in-house officer training and to control medical tourism.

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