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February 14, 2022

Ali Bicer

A University of Wyoming faculty member served as co-editor of a recently published book on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education.

Ali Bicer, assistant professor at the UW School of Teacher Education, helped edit “Internalization of STEM Education.” The book aims to help teachers implement research-based teaching practices in their science and math classrooms.

“We live in a century that requires different skills to succeed than previous centuries,” says Bicer, who teaches math and scientific methods classes. “I want readers of this book to take home the idea that STEM teachers should integrate research-based pedagogical practices into their teaching so that students can solve the multifaceted problems of this century.”

The book is made up of three parts. The first section of the book explores two unique contexts in which STEM education is being developed. The second part explores aspects of the professional development of STEM teachers as well as the motivations of teachers to learn and improve their STEM pedagogy. The final section looks at issues related to STEM learning experiences for students.

Bicer’s role as co-editor was to work with the other editors to uncover gaps in current knowledge in STEM education to explore in the book; invite authors to participate; and make a final decision on which submitted content will be published.

The other editors of the book are Joseph Johnson, associate professor and chair of the department of physics at Mercyhurst University; Augusto Macalalag, associate professor of STEM education at Arcadia University; and Ismail Sahin, editor of the International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology.

Bicer is passionate about creating new, dynamic teaching practices for teachers so they can further develop their students’ education and utilize their problem-solving skills and creativity. Her research interests have focused on STEM education in the classroom and how it can be implemented and improved.

“I believe my work, in general, will have a positive impact on education in Wyoming,” Bicer says. “I am very proud when I visit my current students during their teaching internship. Each student is already doing a great job incorporating techniques that foster student creativity in STEM. »

“The Internalization of STEM Education” was published by the organization ISTES (International Society for Technology, Education and Science). It is available for download at www.istes.org/internalization-of-stem-education-21-b.html.

For more information, call Bicer at (307) 766-5044 or email [email protected].

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