UNM’s Spring Teaching Conference to be Held Virtually March 3-4: UNM Newsroom

The UNM Spring Teaching Conference will be held virtually on Thursday and Friday, March 3 and 4. The keynote speaker will be Laura I. Rendón, professor emeritus at the University of Texas at San Antonio, who will address the promotion of one-generation education, low-income students. His presentation will address topics related to promoting student success, especially for low-income, first-generation students. Rendón will focus his presentation on understanding the challenges faced by students as they transition to college; centering the importance of humanizing education and validating students; and recognizing and building on students’ strengths and their own ways of succeeding in college.

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Event calendar

Thursday March 3

9:45 a.m. – Welcome by UNM Associate Provost Bill Stanley and introduction by Dr. Laura I. Rendón

10 a.m.—Keynote address with Dr. Laura I. Rendón: Foster equitable and just education for low-income first-generation students

11:00 a.m.—Session 1: Panel of Instructors: Increasing (post-)pandemic class membership

Noon—Session 2: Student Panel—Listening to Our Students: What Kind of Teaching Matters to Them

1:00 p.m.—Workshop: Dr. Laura I. Rendón—Reimagining teaching and learning: employing pedagogies of justice, equity and healing

2:30 p.m.—Session 3: Graduate Student Panel—Strengthening the pedagogies of graduates: challenges, collaborations and care

3:30 p.m. Recap: A Lively Conversation

Rendón will lead the workshop Reimagining teaching and learning: employing pedagogies of justice, equity and healing at 1 p.m. on Thursday, March 3.

What type of teaching and learning context is best suited to deeply engage the whole student and to link pedagogy to justice, equity and healing? Rendón will review the contemporary pedagogies needed to foster equity, justice, inclusion, and well-being. She will discuss in particular Feeling(Sensing/Thinking) Pedagogy as a culturally validating deep learning experience that addresses the rhythmic balance between the development of intellectual, social, emotional and inner life skills. Rendón will feature videos of teachers using contemplative tools (i.e. arts-based projects, guided images, audio stories, music, and time-outs) as they engage in a pedagogy of detection/reflection.

Friday March 4

9:00 a.m.—Welcome address by Dr. Aeron Haynie, UNM Center for Teaching & Learning

9:30 a.m.—Session 1: Dr. Shanté Paradigm Smalls—Black feminism is the sight

10:45 a.m.—Session 2: Riva Lehrer—The body behind glass

Noon—Lunchtime Discussion: Graduate attendees can join presenters for lunch and Q&A

1 p.m.—Session 3: Dr. Dolores Delgado Bernal—Feminist pedagogies and teaching in Nepantla

2:30 p.m.—Final discussion: Faculty participants can join one of three breakout rooms to chat with specific presenters

3:30 p.m. — Closing remarks by Dr. Garnett Stokes, President, UNM

The theme for Friday March 4 is Teach Like a Feminist: Digitally Enhanced Intersectional Pedagogies.

The first speaker at 9:30 a.m. is Shanté Paradigm Smalls, (They/Them), Associate Professor of Black Studies, Department of English and Faculty of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, St. John’s University. Black feminism is the sight will be moderated by Dr. Shelle Sanchez.

Riva Lehrer, artist, writer and activist; faculty member, The School of the Art, Institute of Chicago; and Instructor, Medical Humanities, Northwestern University School of Medicine, will present The body behind the glass at 10:45 a.m., hosted by Dr. Marissa Greenberg.

Dr. Dolores Delgado Bernal will present Feminist Pedagogies and Teaching at Nepantla during the 13 hour session moderated by Michelle Mendez. Delgado Bernal is a professor of chicanx studies and associate dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at California State University in Los Angeles.

Participants can Register online.

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