Punjabi University Patiala researcher develops software capable of creating Punjabi sentences: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Patiala, April 19

A researcher from the Faculty of Computers at the University of Punjabi has developed software that can create sentences in Punjabi. He is among the professors and researchers at the university who are working on the development of Punjabi and integrating it with the technological advancements of Punjabi with the help of artificial intelligence.

Researcher Arvinder Singh said that the software created by him would help create different sentences with the same meaning.

“I created the software while working on ‘Punjabi Language Paraphrasing Algorithm Development’. It will soon be made public. We have created a reservoir of works and phrases, which will be instrumental in the system’s process of creating phrases on a given topic. It will also help you find content online using Google search. The software system will understand our given statement and convert it into various questions and allow easy online search. It will also help prepare content written in different formats for different uses,” he said.


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