Professor who allegedly shouted racial slurs and spat at woman in parking lot resigns – NBC Chicago

A college professor who was charged with multiple crimes after allegedly yelling racial slurs and spitting at a black woman in a suburban grocery store earlier this month has quit his job.

Alberto Friedmann “resigned” on Friday as an investigation into his “off-campus conduct” was underway, a spokesperson for the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard said on Monday.

“The investigation was not complete at the time of resignation,” said Victoria Sweeney, director of communications and registration services.

Prosecutors alleged that a woman and her 7-year-old daughter were parked outside a grocery store in Oak Park, waiting for the woman’s mother to finish shopping. They then heard honking and screaming from another vehicle, which prosecutors said was being driven by Friedmann.

The woman said she told the man to walk around her, but Friedmann then allegedly got out of his car and started yelling racist slurs at him.

The woman said she tried to get out of her car, but Friedmann allegedly closed the door and then spat in her face, telling her he spat on her because he “didn’t like black people”, prosecutors say .

Friedmann also allegedly intentionally hit the woman’s car with his car, and he admitted to prosecutors that he spat at the woman during the altercation.

The professor now faces charges of aggravated assault and hate crime, both of which are felonies.

“It’s just excruciating. Why would you treat another person like that? Oak Park resident Cole Swiernik said.

Students at the school expressed shock and outrage at the allegations against the professor. Illinois State Representative LaShawn Ford said some of the teacher’s students contacted him about the incident.

“They sent letters to superiors. They are destroyed because they are taught by that person, and their question is what type of person it is, ”said Ford.

The school said at the time that Friedmann was suspended pending the results of an investigation by the university.

“We take allegations of misconduct seriously,” the school said.

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