Photojournalist, teacher talks at photo club

Nancy Hulsey’s ‘A Touch of Snow’ won first place at the November photo club reunion.

The Carson Valley Photo Club November meeting was held via Zoom with the participation of 18 members.

Award-winning photojournalist and professor at Syracuse University John Berry, who worked for a local Syracuse newspaper for 33 years, was the presenter.

Berry is the brother of club treasurer and webmaster Barbara Mower.

His assignments during the years of working for the newspaper were, as he called it, very mundane. He photographed local high school events, quilting shows, nude colonies, state fairs and everything in between. He also showed photos of September 11 and Afghanistan. He used natural light and worked on his photos naturally because he didn’t like to use photoshop. A most interesting presentation.

Berry was also a judge for the club’s photo contest, whose theme was HDR, (chromacolor), Panorama, Fall Landscape.

The winners were Nancy Hulsey with first place for her photograph, “A Touch of Snow”. Second place went to Kim Steed for “Snowliage” and third place also went to Hulsey with “Leaves of Fall”.

“We are asking members to volunteer for our club’s board of directors, as the election for board members for the coming year will take place next month,” said Hulsey. “It has been another difficult year, again, as the meetings took place via Zoom rather than in person. Our board members have done an incredible job this year. Thanks everyone. “

The club will welcome new members in January. Our dues are $ 36 for a single member and $ 52.00 for a couple. Applications are on our website.

The photo club meets at 6.30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. Follow the club on Facebook to see if the meeting will be virtual or in person.

The club meets in person at Carson Valley United Methodist Church, 1375 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville.

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