Northwestern Purdue University faculty and staff earn ACUE certifications

September 30, 2021

Effective teaching practices begin with solid training, a theme that over 100 PNW faculty and staff have found after earning certification from the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE).

Two cohorts from the 2020-21 academic year, totaling 38 professors and staff, join their peers as ACUE fellows. The cohorts were recognized and received their certificates of effective college education at a luncheon on September 22 at the Alumni Hall of the Student Union and Library in Hammond.

PNW, via the Faculty Center of Excellence, partner of ACUE in the Effective Teaching Practices Course. Participating PNW faculty complete 25 online modules in which they examine, reinvent, and implement evidence-based teaching practices to better educate, engage, and support PNW students in the modern academic setting.

For each of the 25 modules, the cohort members select a teaching strategy to use, implement the strategy in one of their courses, and evaluate its application. They also participate in online and face-to-face discussions to share experiences and learn from each other. The members carried out their missions over a full academic year.

“With ACUE’s focus on student success and equity, we really reinforce that students are at the center of what we do and we are focused on their learning experience,” said Emily Hixon, Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence. “We don’t just teach content, we teach people. Professors who participate in ACUE learn many strategies to engage students and support them in the learning process.”

The partnership with ACUE signifies a commitment by the Center for Faculty Excellence and PNW staff to absorb redesigned educational approaches to provide learners with high-quality engagement in a student-ready university.

“Faculty make a significant investment in their students by participating,” Hixon said. “I am honored and honored to work with colleagues who are passionate about supporting our students and their success. They spend time participating in these activities to provide our students with the best possible learning experience. “

The Certificate in Effective College Education is approved by the American Council on Education. Those interested can visit the Faculty Center of Excellence Web page.

The Center for Faculty Excellence has set up a cohort with ACUE since the fall semester 2017. The 2020-21 academic year featured for the first time two cohorts: a traditional one with professors and another populated by academic and career advisers.

Yu Ouyang, associate professor of political science, talks about his experience of participating with ACUE during a lunch on September 22 in the alumni hall of the Students’ Union and the library.

The following faculty and staff have been recognized for course completion and certification.

Cohort D

  • Pamela Ayala – Educational advisor, School of education and counseling
  • Lana Bilyk – Academic Advisor, CHESS
  • Deborah Blades – Director, Industrial Relations and Experiential Learning, College of Technology
  • Katelyn Caragher – Career Advisor, PNW Career Center
  • Jordan Hallow – Career Advisor, College of Business
  • Samantha Horn – Labor Relations Consultant, College of Business
  • Zachary Jones – Career Advisor, PNW Career Center
  • Emily Lane – Career Advisor, College of Business
  • Jorge Luis Lopez – Career Advisor, PNW Career Center
  • Nicole Martinez – Speaker / Career Advisor, Academic Center of Excellence
  • Rhonda Nemri – Academic Advisor, CHESS
  • Kimberly Nikolovski – Graduate Studies Advisor, College of Business
  • Casey Parker – Director, Enrollment Management and Assessment, College of Business
  • Yesenia Rosales-Avalos – Speaker / Career Advisor, Academic Center of Excellence
  • Joelynn Stephen – Associate Director of Career Management, College of Business
  • Allison Vickers – Academic Advisor, Honors College, Counseling Center

Cohort E

  • Ildar (Dale) Akhmadullin – Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Technology, College of Technology
  • Jesse Cohn – Associate Professor of English, CHESS
  • David Detmer – Professor of Philosophy, CHESS
  • Wei He – Associate Professor of Management and Strategy, College of Business
  • Maria Hugues – Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing, College of Nursing
  • Karen Klosinski – Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing, College of Nursing
  • Ying Luo – Assistant Professor of Computer Information Technology, College of Technology
  • Yu Ouyang – Associate Professor of Political Science, CHESS
  • Anthony Sindone – Clinical Assistant Professor in Finance and Economic Development, College of Business
  • John Spores – Professor of Psychology, CHESS
  • Daniel Suson – Professor of Physics, Faculty of Engineering and Science
  • Xianping Wang – Assistant Professor of Computer Information Technology, College of Technology
  • Chen Ye – Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, College of Business
  • Afshin Zahraee – Assistant Professor of Construction Engineering and Management Technology, College of Technology
  • Samuel Zinaich – Associate Professor of Philosophy, CHESS

This press release was produced by Purdue University Northwest. The opinions expressed are those of the author.

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