Miami officials unveil Hamilton campus installation

To exploreThe University of Miami ranks among the top 50 schools in the latest national ranking

All nursing students from other Miami campuses – Oxford and Middletown – will have access to learning and training in the Nursing Innovation Hub.

“We have simulation spaces representing an OB suite, a pediatric suite, a medico-surgical suite and an ICU suite. We also have a mock apartment for students to learn key principles of home care and safety precautions, ”said Flinders.

The ongoing pandemic has hit hospitals and other healthcare facilities hard, with medical nurses often on the front lines of patient care. Even before the COVID-19 virus emerged in March 2020, the healthcare industry, in Butler County and nationwide, needed more nurses.

Sara Arter, assistant professor of nursing in Miami, said the nursing education center will provide “training for the next generation of nurses who will constitute a large part of the workforce caring for residents of the nursing home. Butler County “.

“One of the most pressing problems in nursing education today is that new graduate nurses are not prepared for nursing practice. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that students do not have enough opportunities to practice the practical skills and simultaneous critical thinking necessary to be prepared for nursing, ”he said. said Arter.

“The expanded simulation space will allow students to practice the skills and critical thinking required to effectively care for real patients. “

Further, said Arter, “we are also training health care providers for a future of the unknown.”

“With an aging population, epidemics ranging from infectious diseases to opioids to obesity, health care policy that seems to change daily and rapid expansion oF telehealth and healthcare technologies, our students have to be ready for anything, ”she said.

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