Jeffersontown High School freshman pledges to graduate

JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. – The Class of 2025 at Jeffersontown High School is spending the next four years focusing on graduation.

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  • Freshman at Jeffersontown High School signed a pledge to graduate from high school
  • The inaugural ceremony involved students signing their names on a banner
  • J-Town High School Class of 2025 has 270 students

Jayda Finley, a freshman at J-Town High School, and her classmates took on a challenge earlier this week: a commitment to graduate.

“I have to do my job, I have to get my grades, do what I have to do to be successful,” Finley said.

The school held a “Promise to Graduation” ceremony to increase student motivation by emphasizing the importance of a high school diploma.

But it’s more than just a graduation ceremony for Finley.

“My inspiration for graduating is my mom because she passed away and she’s just someone to make happy,” Finley explained.

Finley lost her mother to an apartment fire in 2010. She is going through her grief to graduate from high school.

It’s an accomplishment with a lot of challenges, but this young student is excited about her future and hopes to make her mom proud.

“I think of her every day when I walk through the door and like I have a mission to do,” she said.

Spearheading the event was Dr. Lorietta Irvin, vice-principal of Jeffersontown High School.

She said the banner will serve as a visual reminder of the promise each student made by graduating on time.

“Every moment matters to our students. Their freshman year is the foundation for everything they will do for the next four years as well as their careers in the future,” said Irvin.

It will take four years for the class of 2025 to obtain a diploma, but this commitment is symbolic for the first year Jean Gomis.

“Doing my homework in high school, making sure I’m a respectable human being, a good citizen of society, that’s what’s important to me now. Not worried about the future, not worried about the past, just stay in the moment, ”Gomis said.

After graduating, this 14-year-old wanted to continue studying civil engineering while joining the US military.

“My grandmother always told me that you play with the grown-ups now. Being in high school, it’s like stepping into the real world,” Gomis said.

School administrators say the banner will transition with students and stay with them until they graduate.

“It will help them have that visual reminder that in four years [they] will graduate, [they] will be successful, [they] make the transition to a college, career or professional program, ”said Irvin.

About 270 freshmen attended the ceremony.

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