Hook Child star Charlie Korsmo looks totally different as a law professor 30 years after the movie came out

PETER Pan and Captain Hook fought for him in the classic 1992 Steven Spielberg film Hook.

Almost 30 years later, former child star Charlie Korsmo looks entirely different as he plies his profession as a university law professor.


Charlie Korsmo has made a name for himself as a lawyer
His most famous acting role is Jack Banning in Hook


His most famous acting role is Jack Banning in HookCredit: Rex

The 43-year-old played Peter Pan’s [Robin Williams] his son Jack Banning in the fantasy epic in which he and his sister are kidnapped and brainwashed by the dreaded pirate Hook [Dustin Hoffman].

The villain tries to mold the youngster in his image, dressing him in a black wig and pirate outfit, and responds to his every whim.

And the hazy, dreamlike atmosphere of the fictional island of Neverland soon makes him forget who his father really is.

But just in time, Williams’ lawyer character Peter Banning realizes, with help from Tinkerbell [Julia Roberts] and the lost boys, that he’s actually the great Peter Pan and returns to Hook’s ship to save his children.

Despite Hook’s box office success and award nominations, Charlie’s acting career came to a halt after his release with just two credits under his belt in the years that followed.

In an interview with People, he said, “After Hook, it was my last movie when I was a kid, we really had kind of a choice to make. But I hadn’t been to school for a few years. I suddenly discovered that I didn’t really have any friends my age anymore.

Academically, he excelled, earning a JD from Yale University in 2006.

The following year, he passed the New York State bar exam and worked for a prestigious firm in the city.

Then, in 2011, President Barack Obama appointed him to the board of trustees of the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation – a program set up to support the nation’s top science, mathematicians and engineers.

He is currently working as a professor of corporate law and corporate finance at Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland.

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