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The 2021 list recognizing the world’s top 1% of researchers includes four professors from Washington State University. Business professor Dogan Gursoy joins Clarivate’s list of highly-cited researchers for the first time this year, appearing alongside veteran members, Professor of Medicine Kris Kowdley and Faculty of Engineering Dan “Annie” Du and Yuehe Lin.

The annual list identifies researchers who have demonstrated significant influence in their fields through the publication of several highly cited papers over the past decade. Their names are taken from publications that rank in the top 1% citation for the domain and year of publication in the Web of Science Citation Index.

Dan “Annie” Du

Teacher-researcher at the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Voiland Engineering School

Du is an innovator in the fields of biomaterials and bioengineering. His work focuses on the use of nanomaterials for biodetection and drug delivery as well as immunosensors and microchips for the detection of biomarkers. Recently, she led work on the development of a method for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease and functional gold and platinum nanoparticles for cancer treatment. She has published 300 research papers that have been cited over 22,500 times, according to Google Scholar. She is the North American Editor of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Asia, Associate Editor of Frontier in Bioengineering and Biotechnology and Member of the Editorial Board of Analytica Chimica Acta, Biosensors; Frontiers in analytical chemistry and sensors.

Dogan gursoy

Taco Bell Emeritus Professor of Hospitality Business Management
Carson College of Business

Gursoy is a leading hospitality and tourism researcher covering topics such as sustainability, service management, tourism behavior, and hospitality and tourism marketing. Recent studies include the acceptance of artificial intelligence in the hospitality industry and the willingness of guests to return to hotels and restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management. He developed and designed the virtual management training game “hotel simulation”, in which teams of participants manage hotels with 500 rooms in a competitive market. Recognized among the top 10 authors in his field, Gursoy has produced more than 200 articles which have been cited over 25,000 times, according to Google Scholar.

Close-up on Kris Kowdley

Kris kowley

Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Kowdley is an internationally recognized expert and researcher in the field of liver disease. He has led several major international clinical trials of new treatments for hepatitis C, hereditary hemochromatosis, primary biliary cholangitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. His translational and laboratory research focuses on the role of iron as a cofactor in numerous liver diseases, ranging from hepatitis C, hemochromatosis to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. He developed mouse models for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. Kowdley has authored more than 1,000 articles, book chapters, reviews and commentaries, and his academic work has been cited nearly 50,000 times, according to Google Scholar.

Close-up of Yuehe Lin

Yuehe Lin

Professor at the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Voiland Engineering School

Lin is a leader in the fields of bioengineering and energy. His work includes the development of nanomaterials and nanobioelectronic devices for the diagnosis of disease and the delivery of drugs and catalysts for energy storage and conversion. Notable recent studies include the development of a low cost glyphosate scavenger and a breakthrough in water fractionation. It produced 600 publications that were cited over 66,500 times, according to Google Scholar. Lin is a member of the National Academy of Inventors, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, the Electrochemical Society, and the Royal Society of Chemistry, as well as an elected member from the Washington State Academy of Sciences.

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