Fire prevention week begins Sunday; Professor seeks to interview residents of South Tahoe

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif .– Fire prevention is on the mind of the University of Kansas associate professor of human geography, Dr. So-Min Cheong.

In the wake of the catastrophic fires still raging across the California landscape, Dr. Cheong began conducting research that examines the state of response and recovery during the increasing intensity of the fires.

In the study, response and recovery include things like house structure and hardening, coordination, and rebuilding. The results are reported to fill knowledge gaps in response and recovery, and through these results, strategies will be suggested.

On October 7, Cheong will hold talks with residents of South Lake Tahoe who have been evacuated due to the fires. Anyone wishing to be interviewed can contact Cheong by email at [email protected].

It comes as Fire Prevention Week begins October 3-9, and this year’s theme is “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety!” Beginning with educating people about the different sounds made by smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and what they mean, Awareness Week should end with the residents of the basin knowing what to do each time they visit. devices are triggered.

The National Fire Prevention Association website has been transformed into a one-stop-shop for information on this year’s theme, with an FPW safety tip sheet available, as well as a family action plan that can help any family. to plan step by step what they will do in an emergency.

The Northern Nevada Chapter of the Red Cross is urging families in the Tahoe / Reno area to begin testing their smoke detectors before the winter cold sets in in the basin and the threat of fires increases.

According to a press release sent out by the Northern Nevada Chapter, home fires are more common during the colder months, as many people are inside and cooking, using radiators and other electric heaters.

“We see house fires throughout the fall and winter for a variety of reasons, from furnaces, cooking or faulty holiday lighting issues,” said Mary Powell, Executive Director of the Northern Nevada Section of the Red Cross. “Installing a smoke detector is a small investment that pays off big when it comes to protecting your family and your home.

The Red Cross and the NFPA both have tips on how to prevent fires in your home and how to stay prepared during the winter season. In addition to placing smoke alarms on every level of your home, agencies suggest having a pre-disaster exit strategy, having a safe meeting point a good distance from your home, and making sure that your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working and do not need to be replaced.

For more information on how to stay prepared during this Fire Prevention Week, visit the NFPA website at

On August 30, a trio of firefighters from the Tahoe National Forest use chainsaws to remove ladder fuels from vegetation surrounding homes in the Christmas Valley of the Tahoe Basin.
Elias Funez / Tahoe Daily Tribune
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