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Chandigarh: To allow transparency of research results and recommend rewards both inside and outside the PGI, the institute has asked all of its professors to upload their work to the Google Scholar profile. In addition to this, the profile should help track research from time to time. These are the recent orientations of the institute to give pep to its research.
The Google searcher profile will be linked to the search accounts of all faculty members. For the departments, the administration of the PGI led the creation of a university account per department.
“It’s about having a system in place where if someone objects during the fellowship, there is a document to endorse the same,” said a senior professor.
The Dean of the PGI Research Office has cleared all pending grant approvals. Sources report that the largest number of research projects are Prof. Neelam Taneja, Department of Microbiology, Prof. Shivaprakash, Department of Microbiology, and Prof. Sanjay Bhadada, Department of Endocrinology.
“But more of these researchers need to be registered online to share their work and have an updated list of their work,” said one professor. There are over 550 professors at PGI and currently most of them upload their research to various sites.
In the latest NIRF ranking, PGI maintained its second place after AIIMS in the medical category. AIIMS scored 97 in the search parameter while PGI scored 86 in the parameter. There were 7 patents filed and 3 were granted. It has improved over the years. “But it’s too low compared to other research institutes. PGI also took second place in its publications during the Covid pandemic after AIIIMS. But we must also focus on the quality of research, ”said a professor from PGI.

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