Democrats grow desperate as economy falters

00:30 Republican “Replacement Theory” (22 mins)
“We don’t have the economy on our side as Democrats,” Donny Deutsch said yesterday on MSNBC. “So you have to scare… people.” How do Democrats hope to do this? They tout the Republican “replacement theory,” claiming that Tucker Carlson and the Republican Party intend to transform America into a full-fledged white supremacist nation.

22:30 Pause Disinformation Panel (9 minutes)
It was first leaked by Policy last month that Nina Jankowicz was chosen to lead the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Committee. After major disapproval from the American people, Jankowicz is now leaving his intended position in the US government, and the formation of the disinformation committee is suspended indefinitely.

31:40 Biden’s Shattered Economy (13 mins)
The inflation rate for the past three months has increased by 9%, with gasoline prices averaging over $4 in every US state. Donald Trump predicted this economic fiasco in 2020 during the US presidential debates with Joe Biden. “Yes [Biden’s] elected, the stock market will crash,” Trump predicted. “You will have an accident like you have never seen before.” The fulfillment of his prediction now seems imminent.

44:45 Bible Study: True Education and the Bible (10 mins)
In a world where morals and ethics are in rapid decline, where can we go for a true and hopeful education? In this segment, we discuss how the Bible is a book for our times, more relevant today than at any other time in human history.

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