Columbia student-athletes win prizes on campus

NEW YORK– A total of 21 Columbia student-athletes won various awards on the Columbia University campus during Kickoff Week 2022.

“Each year, our student-athletes truly shine on the Columbia University campus by earning many of the university’s highest honors and honors,” said Campbell Family Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education. Pierre Pilling mentioned. “What our student-athletes have accomplished is remarkable considering the challenges they have faced over the past two years. Once again, Columbia Athletics is proud of their outstanding accomplishments on campus.”

Sylvie Binder in women’s fencing, Xavier Thibault in football, Alexis Florio in women’s golf, John Stankard in heavyweight rowing, Sydni Scott in women’s track and field, Kali Hatcher in women’s track and field, and Paul Akere in football have won numerous honors on campus.

Binder, Thibault and Hatcher each won three awards each. Binder was named Senior Marshal, won the Alumni Achievement Award and a King’s Crown Leadership Awards for the spirit of Columbia. Thibault has been honored as a Senior Marshal, recipient of the Robert Lincoln Carey Memorial Award, and the Kings Crown Leadership and Excellence Award for Health and Welfare. Hatcher has won the Andrew Sarris Memorial Ward Humanities and Arts Award for Film Criticism, the Black Graduation Senior Award for Athletic Achievement, and Departmental Honors in Film and Media Studies.

Florio was a Senior Marshal and won a Kings Crown Leadership and Excellence Award for Community Development. Stankard received the Columbia College Robert Harron Award and a Kings Crown Leadership and Excellence Award for Indelible Mark, while Scott is a Rhodes Scholar and department honors in political science. Akere won the Black Graduation Senior Award for Athletic Achievement and was a recipient of the Multicultural Graduation Cord.

Other on-campus awards have yet to be announced.

The Columbia Athletics Class of 2022 is made up of 178 student-athletes. Columbia University and Columbia Athletics will celebrate the start of their 268and academic year Wednesday morning with graduation on campus.


Senior Marshals
Senior Marshals are outstanding senior class students with good academic standing who have a record of contributing to their class, school, and/or community and represent what it means to be a Colombian. Senior marshals lead their class in class day ceremonies and are distinguished by a gold aiguillette adorning their robes. Honored senior marshals have been nominated to represent their class by a member of the Columbia University community.

Sylvie Binder ’22CC (Women’s Fencing)
Alexis Florio ’22CC (Women’s Golf)
Xavier Thibault ’22CC (Football)
David Wang ’22CC (Men’s Swimming and Diving)

Researcher-Athlete Award
This award is given by the Deans’ Offices of Columbia College and Columbia Engineering to a graduate student who has distinguished himself as a college and varsity athlete.

James Bourtis ’22CC (men’s fencing)
Pedro Barbosa Teixeira Santos ’22SEAS (light rowing)

Columbia College Robert Harron Award

John Stankard ’23CC (heavyweight rowing)

Rhodes Scholar
Sydni Scott ’22CC (women’s athletics)

King’s Crown Leadership and Excellence Award
These awards recognize the significant contributions of Columbia College and Columbia Engineering students to the Columbia community. They are presented in eight categories to individuals from Columbia College and Columbia Engineering.

Alexis Florio, ’22CC (Women’s Golf), Community Development
Sylvie Binder ’22CC (women’s fencing), Columbia spirit
Joshua Smythe-Macaulay ’22CC (Football), Columbia Spirit
Justin Ghaeli ’22CC (Men’s Squash), Reasoned Action
John Stankard ’23CC (heavyweight rowing), indelible mark
Xavier Thibault ’22CC (Football), Health and Wellness

Beneficiaries of the Multicultural Graduation Cord

Paul Akere ’22CC (Football)
Pranjali Sharma ’22SEAS (Squash Women)

Senior Black Graduation Awards/Athletic Achievements

Paul Akere ’22CC (Football)
Kali Hatcher ’22CC (women’s athletics)

Modern Greek departmental honors

Anika Tsapatsaris ’22CC (Women’s Fencing)

Humanities and Arts Award / Andrew Sarris Memorial Award for Film Criticism
Kali Hatcher ’22CC (women’s athletics)

Departmental Honors in Film and Media Studies
Kali Hatcher ’22CC (women’s athletics)

Political Science Departmental Honors
Sydni Scott ’22CC (women’s athletics)
William Todd ’22CC (men’s soccer)

Columbia College Class Day Rewards

Xavier Thibault ’22CC (Football), Robert Lincoln Carey Memorial Award
Sylvie Binder ’22CC (Women’s Fencing), Alumni Association Excellence Award

Columbia Engineering Class of the Day Award

Callan Hall ’22CC (Men’s Squash), Electrical Engineering Department Research Award
Nicole Harr ’22CC (Women’s Rowing), Mechanical Engineering Certificate of Achievement
Luke Ciarelli ’22CC (Men’s Athletics), Henry L. Michel Award in Civil Engineering
Spencer Good, ’22CC (Wrestling), Mole’s Student Award in Civil Engineering
Simon Osak ’22CC (Light Rowing), Industrial Engineering Outstanding Student Service Award

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