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Share data to fuel discovery | VTx

Academic libraries provide expertise in planning, managing, and publishing data to fuel discovery and future research. Recently, the library launched a new version of its research data repository platform, powered by Figshare. Accessible from anywhere, Figshare is a cloud-based platform for storing, sharing and citing research data. Virginia Tech researchers …

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The research on obesity that has exploded

As this 2005 article began to gain attention, a renowned professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, Walter Willett, had already started his own advertising campaign. Believing that Flegal’s findings were not only false but in fact dangerous, Willett and a handful of his Harvard …

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Science shows the benefits of masks

By letter to the editor on July 10, 2021. Editor:In response to Mr Baiton’s letter to the editor of July 7 titled “Mask Mandates Triggered by Fear, Not Science,” I assume he is referring to a review article published by authors at the Chicago School of Public Health in July …

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