Education economy

Pandemic Further Worsens Vicious Cycle For Low-Income Students

Already underprivileged at the start, many distant students in low-income households had to worry about stable internet connections, available devices to connect to school sessions, and personalized attention and help with homework or subjects. difficult. The negative effects of the pandemic reinforce an already vicious circle: Students from low-income households …

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No Credit Check Loan | Ascension

Then, submit a request. You will likely need to verify your identity, address and possibly your employment. If you plan to use collateral to secure a loan (such as a car), you will need to take a few additional steps. See our guide to getting a secured loan for more …

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Payday loans are for short term needs

Payday loans can seem like a lifeline when you need quick cash, but the high costs and short repayment terms can trap you in a cycle of debt. While there is no proper definition of a payday loan, it is usually a short term loan for a modest sum, usually …

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