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BEVA Diamond Anniversary 2021 Speakers Confirmation – Business Solutions for Equine Practitioners

A second plenary conference, postponed from 2020, will be given by Jean-Marie Denoix (Professor of Veterinary Anatomy, CIRALE, Normandy), who will present his expert opinion on how clinical manifestations contribute to the management musculoskeletal injuries. Courtesy of BEVA A diamond-rated speaker program has been confirmed for the 60e Congress of …

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Housing crisis worsens stagnant WCU wages

“It’s about time,” said Peter Hans, president of the UNC system, in an interview during his July 1 visit to WCU. “It’s all about recruiting, retaining and morale for incredibly hard-working people who have seen college overcome one of the biggest challenges I hope we’ve ever seen in the past …

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Local author pleads for black nostalgia

In an age of racial reckoning, the country’s oppression against blacks is receiving renewed attention, and the experience of being black in America can seem almost universally bleak. Flossmoor’s Badia Ahad-Legardy wants to complicate this point of view. In his new book “Afro-Nostalgia: Feeling Good in Contemporary Black Culture”, Ahad-Legardy …

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