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The new Masters in FinTech prepares students for careers by applying the latest technological innovations to global financial services. Launched in fall 2022, the Masters in FinTech – or Financial Technology – is the first and only program of its kind in Florida.

“The changing relationship between business and innovation is driving the need for highly skilled professionals with both advanced financial skills and technological know-how,” says Christo pirinsky, co-director of the program and associate professor of finance. “UCF is uniquely positioned to offer a graduate program designed to promote entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and fostering relationships within the Central Florida business community and beyond.

“The evolving relationship between business and innovation is driving the need for highly skilled professionals with both advanced financial skills and technological know-how,” says Christo Pirinsky, program co-director and associate professor of finance at College of Business.

The Masters in FinTech is a three-semester full-time program consisting of 10 courses – five in finance and five in computer science – with internship opportunities and a final synthesis project. Students will have two program options: evening classes in person at UCF’s main campus or entirely online.

Offered jointly by the College of Business and the College of Engineering and Computer Science, the program admits applicants with an undergraduate degree in computer science, finance, business studies, mathematics, natural sciences, or engineering disciplines.

The program combines finance and computer science courses to teach students how to harness the power of data, technology solutions, and financial services to reduce costs, improve customer experiences, and create economies of scale. Its interdisciplinary program will provide students with employable technical skills and the ability to think and function in interdisciplinary teams.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be well positioned for a wide range of jobs including application developer, blockchain developer, cybersecurity analyst, compliance expert, data scientist, financial analyst, investment manager , etc.

Financial technology is widely regarded as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Over 95% of global consumers are aware of at least one FinTech service, and over three quarters of the world’s population have used a FinTech service. There are currently over 8,700 FinTech startups in the Americas.

Central Florida is a prime region for a FinTech degree program. Earlier this year, WalletHub ranked the city of Orlando # 1 in Florida and # 19 nationally among the best areas for STEM professionals. Global finance The magazine named Florida the new home for FinTech in 2019. In 2018, Forbes magazine proclaimed Orlando as a FinTech hub. American News and World Report Consistently ranks UCF as one of the most innovative universities in the country.


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Lawyers hail FBI efforts against hate crimes, saying cases are significantly underreported Mon, 18 Oct 2021 09:01:15 +0000

The New England Anti-Defamation League and members of the New England Chinese-American Alliance applaud the FBI’s new public awareness campaign against hate crimes, but warn that fear and mistrust in the ‘regard to the police in minority communities lead to an underreporting of incidents.

Hua Wang, co-chair of the New England Chinese American Alliance and a member of the Stop Asian Hate campaign, said many in the Asian American community were reluctant to come forward.

“I think it’s underrated,” Wang said. He added that many members of the Asian American community are not entirely comfortable with law enforcement for “many historical and cultural reasons.”

Robert Trestan, ADL regional director, said the FBI’s new public awareness campaign launched last week to encourage the public to report hate crimes is a “welcome move.”

But he said the Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that there are more than 100,000 hate crimes nationwide each year, even though hate crimes are among the most underreported in the United States.

“Reporting of hate crimes, unlike other crimes across the country, is not mandatory,” Trestan said. “We need an increase on the law enforcement side, and we need to have members of the public who are stepping up.”

On Tuesday, the Boston Division of the FBI launched a public awareness campaign as part of a nationwide effort to encourage people to report hate crimes as the number of reported hate crimes in the United States reached its peak. highest level in over a decade.

Nationally, last year law enforcement agencies reported a total of 7,759 hate crime incidents to the FBI, an increase of 25% over the past 5 years.

The Boston area did not see an increase: Hate crime reports in the area remained stable at 427 in 2019 and 426 in 2020.

Federal law defines a hate crime as a violent act against a person or property motivated by racial, ethnic or other prejudice.

Carlos Cuevas, associate professor of criminology and criminal justice and co-director of the Violence and Justice Research Laboratory at Northeastern University, said “hate crime statistics are just the tip of a huge iceberg” .

“People who experience [these sort] hate crimes are really, really reluctant to report to the police, ”Cuevas said. “A hate crime is not only an offense against an individual, it is also intended to instill fear in this community.

Deputy Special Agent in charge of the FBI Boston office, Matthew Giacobbi, told GBH News the office recognizes hate crimes are underreported and that is why it is launching the campaign with placarded ads in the north. – is on digital billboards, radio, streaming services, social media and gas stations.


“One of the main reasons for this public awareness campaign is to spread the word, educate people and encourage reporting,” Giacobbi said, as many victims of hate crimes are afraid to come forward. .

In Massachusetts this year alone, several high-profile incidents have been investigated as hate crimes. In August, a Brighton rabbi was stabbed more than 9 times. This case is pending before the courts.

In July in Winthrop, two African Americans were killed in a shootout by a man who claimed that “racism is healthy and natural”. The suspect was killed by the police.

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Scripted homicides in China become a popular pastime Sat, 16 Oct 2021 20:40:21 +0000

The murders are scripted. The money is real.

In cities across China, young people are flocking to clubs to play a game that translates to “scripted homicide,” where they become different characters and spend hours solving fake murders.

This macabre entertainment is expected to generate more than $ 2 billion in revenue this year, in an account. The growing popularity has sparked some concern from Chinese government officials about their sometimes gothic or gory content. It has also led to a proliferation of clubs and competition for compelling new scripts that players and owners say have become, well, ruthless.

“There is a huge demand for good scripts that is just not being met,” said Zhang Yi, 28, a Shanghai resident who has played more than 90 games in just over a year. “The script is the basis of everything in this game.”

Scripted homicides, known as jubensha in Chinese, require players to come together as a group to discuss a fake murder or other crime. Each player is assigned a character from a script, including the one who plays the murderer. Then, they engage in an elaborate role-play, asking questions of the host and the other, until they determine which of them did the act.