A 3.27 acre corner lot has been rezoned for an apartment development that will cover approximately 21.3 acres adjacent to Farley Middle School.

Featured Photo: Parker Associates architectural elevation drawings for Phase I of the Carver Ridge Apartments. Source: TDHCA

Posted: 10-4-2021

by Art Benavidez

Hutto (Williamson County) – A 3.27 acre corner lot has been rezoned for an apartment development that will cover approximately 21.3 acres adjacent to Farley College.

Zimmerman Properties has added a 3.27 acre corner lot to its Carver Ridge Apartments Phase II project.

A Missouri-based developer had previously zoned a 276-unit apartment complex, but had the 3.27-acre land zoned General Commercial (B-2), hoping to develop it as a retail business.

During a September 16 city council session, it was explained that in subsequent discussions with the Texas Department of Transportation, no traffic access could be granted to the corner lane due to its location. into the right turn lane of FM 1660 at Swindoll Lane.

Matthew K. Loos, project manager in the civil engineering office Olsson de Fayetteville, Arkansas, and a representative of the developer, informed the city that, “depending on the location of the lot as well as the lack of access, it makes a lot more sense that this lot is also multi-family.”

Based in Springfield, Missouri Properties of Zimmerman owns the land through the entity JMZ Landholding Company, LLC and offers 276 units in 11, three-story apartment buildings, a clubhouse, a holding pond on the south edge of the property, as well as amenities on the site and the adjacent site to the west.

The property, Carver Ridge Phase II, is bounded by the CR 137 to the west, the promenade des écoles to the south and the FM 1660 to the north.

Public infrastructure to service this site, including driveways, water and sewage, will be provided prior to the property being veneered.

In February 2020, VBX reported that the city had adopted a resolution supporting affordable development, the Carver Ridge Apartments.

In July, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs approved a 9% tax credit for the Phase I part of the project which went from 72 units to 60 units. Construction is scheduled to begin this fall.

The Phase I site plan shows development on the property in the southwest corner of the plot, as opposed to the 3.7 acres recently rezoned for Phase II, which provides room for larger development. .

Site map for Phase I of the Carver Ridge Apartments showing room for much larger development.

Parker Associates de Tulsa is the architect for Phase I of the project, but the architect for Phase II has not been disclosed.

Readers interested in Phase I of Carver Ridge Apartments can follow this project: 2020-1899.

Details of how Carver Ridge Phase II will be funded and whether it will be a labor-intensive project have yet to be released.

A Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) for this development is currently under review by the City with the construction of this site under review with respect to the surrounding road network.

Loos also acknowledged that the developer understands “understand that if improvements are needed in the surrounding streets, based on the recommendations of the TIA report, these proposed mitigation measures will be required at a pro-rated percentage from the developer of the l ‘improvement attributable to the development site. “

The current owner of the property is the Sacramento, California-based entity Stuart Gregory Farley, ET AL.

The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the rezoning request at its September 7 meeting.

VBX project ID: 2021-6F6A

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